Those unexpected items and the feeling you're paying
and doing all the work. Self-service checkouts are
expanding throughout the UK, but many
of us aren't happy with them.

So why is the relationship so
fraught, asks the BBC.

I wasn't keen on the DIY tills when they first appeared
in our local supermarket but since they've made
the whole process a bit simpler it's a breeze.

The only gripe I've got are that the scanning plate
should be cleaned at regular intervals as
sometimes they are so grimy you have to
do the barcode a few times
before it "beeps".

Also people please take note: the person after
you cannot start the process before you lift
your bags off the bagging area as the whole
thing is a scale. While you start to sort out
year's worth of receipts in your purse the
queue behind you is standing still.

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