I've thoroughly enjoyed this year's
I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

My favourite from the beginning was 80's page
three pin-up Sam Fox but since she got voted
out I've liked both snooker ace Jimmy White
(below on the left) and The Queen Of Clean
Kim Woodburn (below right).

I didn't know what to make of "The Whirwind"
at first, he didn't really say or do a lot (well
nobody had the chance because Katie Price
got voted to do everything!) but towards
the end he's come up with some cracking
one-liners and turned out to
be great entertainment.

My favourite moment was when Kim was hassling him
to hand over his clothes for a wash and then pack
because he might be the next one out and he
just said: "I'll tell you what, if I leave
you can burn the clothes for heat."

I don't mind if Kim winds, she's as mad
as a bag of spanners but funny with
it. Oh yes, luvvie! That's right dah-ling.

But I hope Jimmy is crowned the new King
Of The Jungle tonight, not only is he deserving,
he's a
Tooting lad as well! I read his
autobio a few years ago.

Mind you is he wins ITV2 are buggered next year
because traditionally the King hosts the Get
Me Out Of Here, Now! show and Jimmy...well,
he's not exactly the most talkative of the lot!
Last years King
Joe Swash is perfect for
the job, you can't shut him up!

EDIT 5.12.2009: Gino won,
Kim came second and
Jimmy third.

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