Well, not for us Finns anyway.

The fact that the tragic ski jumper legend
Matti Nykänen made it to the top of the BBC's
news feed this morning made me chuckle.

Apparently he tried to "murder" his wife on Xmas
day and for some reason the news agencies
around the world made top
headlines out of it.

Except he has tried to kill/maim/mutilate/divorce
his wife on every single public holiday and other
dates when they've happened to be in the same
room (with alcohol of course) for more than
10 minutes in the last 10 years! They married
in 2001 and by last year she had tried to
divorce him 14 times and vice versa!

He is undeniably the greatest ski jumper the world
has ever seen, even though it may be by a
combination of freak of nature and luck
that he climbed to the top podium
time after time.

And his private life, a colourful story which was
told in a full length (acted) feature film
"Matti" in
2006, has kept the Finns amused all these years.

Apart from bashing his wife he has made a
career out of singing, stripping, a cider named
after him and various other doomed projects.
Not to mention the famous, mostly
unintentional Matti sayings like
“The chances are fifty-sixty.”

So what's next for the happy couple? True to form
the latest divorce application will be cancelled,
a two week holiday to Tenerife booked (paid for
by a local glossies like
Hymy or 7 Päivää ) and
a warts and all interviews arranged.

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