I thoroughly enjoyed BBC 2's Victorian Farm
which aired in the beginning of the year.

Now the team, archaeologist and historian Alex,
archaeological digger, supervisor and teacher
Peter and historian Ruth return to the Shropshire
estate to celebrate a traditional Victorian
Christmas in a three part special.

From the left: Peter, Alex and Ruth

I just watched the first episode and it was as
funny, entertaining and indeed educational
as always. Makes you appreciate how
easy life is in the modern world!

The first outing for the team, Tales From The
Green Valley (in 2005) was set in Tudor England
of 1620 and Victorian Farm followed. I loved
both of them so I hope they do another full
length series set in yet another time.

The website dedicated to the specials is full of
handy hints on how to create your own Victorian
Xmas including cards, crackers, wrapping
paper, decorations and many more.

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