Should we give the tradition of buying Xmas pressies
to people we don't like or hardly know the
heave-ho, asks the BBC Magazine.

My answer would be a resounding yes. Waste of money
and everybody's time. The gift will most likely be
half-heartedly bought and the recipient will
pretend to like it for about three seconds
when the giver is around.

Even worse they haven't got anything for you and now
feel obliged to rush out to get something which
again will probably be not wanted.

I'm so glad I don't have to be part of the Xmas
present merry-go-round with friends and
relatives, let alone work colleagues.

All of my family live abroad and we've all agreed not
to send each other presents. For instance my
mum gives me cash for both birthdays and
Xmas when we see each other and when I go
to visit relatives I take them bits and
pieces they've asked for.

I buy Xmas presents for exactly four people and
always check if there is something they'd
like and that's what they'll get.

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