I was mucking about with candles, fairy
lights and long exposures last night
... with some interesting results.

Check them out



The white stuff finally arrived here
in SW19 yesterday morning.

And in fact it's been coming
down ever since!

Frankie and The King
tell it how it is.



Check out the photos
in here




As the nights are getting darker luckily
the telly is getting better.

My new favourites include Human Target
and The Event, both fast paced
edge-of-your-seat stuff.

In the Human Target Christopher Chance (played
by Mark Valley) (below top), a bodyguard and
security expert protects his clients by completely
integrating himself into their lives to become
the "human target" to flush out the baddies.

Full of super stunts and astute banter it's
entertainment at its best. The slightly "darker"
The Event's (above bottom) plot centers on the
presence of extraterrestrial people who have
been detained by the United States Government
for over 60 years but have now become
exposed to the general public.

Old choices returning with new series keeping
me clued to the box are
RuPaul's Drag Race 2
(below), the ever brilliant
The Mentalist,
hilarious as ever Giles Coren and Sue Perkins
The Good Life and the affable and
Edwardian Farm.

In Season 3 of The Mentalist Patrick (Simon Baker)
(below top) continues his hunt for Red John. Made
with subtle humour and excellent storylines this
is one programme yet to disappoint.

I wanted the gorgeous Raven (above bottom) to
win the second Drag Race from the very
beginning but alas she came second.

My other favourites were the sassy
McMichaels and the hilarious Pandora Boxx.
The hair, make-up and outfits are as outlandish
as the personalities: bitching on wheels galore!
And of course Ru herself is on form with her
stunning gowns. Can't wait for race n:o 3!

Food critic Giles and comedian Sue (above middle)
have embarked on
hairbrained schemes
before and this time is no exception.

In celebration of the classic sitcom
The Good Life's
35th birthday, they step back in time to 1975 to find
out what it takes to make the self-sufficient dream a
reality. If the first episode is anything to go
by the series is going to be a hoot, I was
sniggering all the way through.

In the Edwardian Farm archaeologists Alex
and Peter and historian Ruth (above bottom)
attempt to bring Morwellham Quay in
Devon back to life as it was in its
Edwardian heyday.

This is the third series from the intrepid team
as they live a full calendar year emulating the
"ye olde days". The previous experiments
were set in Tudor and Victorian times.
Funny and thoroughly enjoyable,
relaxing yet educational

I was really looking forward to Season 4 of
The Big Bang Theory but after two episodes
I have to say: same old same old.

Of course Sheldon is still funny but maybe
three series was enough? I'll watch the rest
of it but so far it's not looking good ...



November has brought with it
some fantastic colours.

Check them out in



Yesterday I had a physio therapy appointment
at St George's Hospital in Tooting.

My knees have been playing up since late
July and my GP thought best go and see a
physio to find out what's going on.

It turns out the middle bit (patella)
of my right knee has "worn out" so it's
moving sideways as well as up and
down like it normally does,
hence the pain.

A lovely therapist called Helen gave me
exercises to do and I'm going back to see
her in two weeks. I'm also going to get more
anti-inflammatory tablets from my doc;
she prescribed them in July
and they helped a lot.

On the way to the hospital I took a
few photos, have a look on my

Substance Of London page.



It's that wonderful time of the year again
when nature's own Paintshop comes
alive with vivid colours!

Some of the shades are almost ghost like,
transparent, others so bright you need
sunglasses to look at them! Against
the blue sky the hues are
bursting with brilliance.

A few shots from our
neighbourhood here
in SW19.

Please click on the images
to view larger versions.



As much as I love keeping this blog
I've come to the conclusion that
it's time for me to take a
semi-permanent break.

Due to my ill health I find it very difficult to
sit here at the PC and will from now on
pop back to write only about things
worth mentioning, trips etc.

So it's ta-daa for now and I'll
see ya when I see ya!



Apparently I am in the
Premier league.

Today when I'd finished packing my stuff
at the self service till at my local Sainsbury's
an old chap who works there as a helper tapped
me on the shoulder and said: "I don't want to
bother you but I am Croatian and you are
like the twin of the Croatian
Premier! It's amazing!"

I had a look on the net and yeah, I suppose
there is some similarity taking into
consideration she's 13 years older than
me! She looks good for her age
as I hope I do too!

Jadranka Kosor was born 1st of July 1953
in Pakrac. Having previously worked as a
journalist and a politician she became
Croatia's first female Prime
Minister in 2009.


A big thank you to Davie once again for
mentioning my Toyah Interview Archive
and the new videos I've made in his
ever brilliant Dreamscape page.