The current cold snap is set to continue and the Met office
has confirmed that the Christmas period has been the
coldest for 25 years with temperatures as low
as -17C being recorded in Scotland.

Icy pics from Finland

Mind you that's nothing compared to the recent temps
in Finland: the area where my family lives has dipped
down to -35.5ºC (-31.9ºF)! The coldest I've ever
experienced over there is -42ºC when I
was about ten, late 1970's.

Well, like the Finns say there is not wrong type of weather,
just wrong type of gear. With triple glazing in the
houses and their car batteries hooked to electric
heaters not to mention studded tyres everything
operates normally. People go to work, kids go
to school, the airports are open,
trains run on time.

Here's a few frost pics from
the park today.

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