A dog called Oscar is has laid claim to the title
of the animal kingdom's most intrepid
explorer after visiting famous
landmarks around the world.

His travels include five continents, 29 countries
and stopping off everywhere from Hollywood
to the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal.

Seven year old Oscar was rescued from a South African
kennel by owner Joanne Lefson five years ago.
In May last year the pair began the epic
journey hoping to inspire millions to
help save his fellow canines living
as strays on the streets.

Ms Lefson, who is half British and half South
African, called the six month
trip 'The World Woof Tour'.

She said it was a miracle Oscar was alive let
alone a globe trotter. "If I hadn't gone to the
kennel that fateful day Oscar had one more
day left and would have been put down.
When I discovered what a wonderful dog
he was it broke my heart to think how
many 'Oscar's' are still out there
and simply just don't get
that second chance."

"I sold my house to fund the trip, but this project
has never been about the money, it's about the
message. I wanted to come up with a project
that would use Oscar's perfect package to show
the entire world that great dogs, dogs just
like Oscar, are available at shelters
all over the world.

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