If you spotted a number of people travelling around
London without their trousers yesterday, they
hadn't been particularly forgetful that
morning - it was part of the worldwide
No Pants On The Subway Day.

In cities across the globe, often in freezing conditions,
thousands of people boldly went trouserless
as part of the annual event.

The prank was started in 2002 in New York by art
jokers Improv Everywhere, and has since spread
around the world. This year was the first time
that a London No Pants On The Subway Day
was organised - although it was renamed No
Trousers On The Underground
to avoid any
misunderstanding over the American
meaning of the word 'pants'.

Over 30 Londoners braved temperatures of around
-2ºC to go trouserless on the Picadilly Line,
travelling between Leicester Square, King's Cross
and Earl's Court before returning to Leicester
Square. One of the attendees reported that
"a couple near me just couldn’t keep a straight
face, but being British of course tried
their best to do so."

Meanwhile, in New York, around 3,000 pantsless
people joined in the revelry, travelling from six
different locations across the city, reading
magazines or chatting to friends as though
it was the most natural thing in the world.

Other cities that saw some No Pants action
included Stockholm, Barcelona, Mexico
City and Buenos Airies.

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