I've had a bit of movie marathon of late as
the weather's been decidedly indoorsy.

First Year One. Actually I can't really say
I watched this film because I had to turn it
off after half an hour. I've seen some bad
films in my time but this goes straight
to the top of the list!

It's so dire they are no adjectives to describe it.
Disappointing as Jack Black is normally quite
funny. Another piece of rubbish starring Mr Black,

The Holiday, was just as awful. It just doesn't work.
It's not funny, sad or...anything. It's just lame
and blah. And him in a romantic
lead? No no no and no.

Three animated films I watched Bolt, Robots and
Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs were all super.
Rhino the Hamster voiced by Mark Walton
steals the show in Bolt. I can't remember when
I've laughed so much! He is just a maniac!

Simon Pegg is equally good as the
lost-his-marbles Buck the
Weasel in Iceage.

My favourite, the nut obsessed squirrel Scrat,
is on form as usual as are the two mischievous
Eddie and Crash. Adventures
and laughs galore.

Robots is a nice tale of Rodney, a young idealistic
inventor who travels to the big city to join his
inspiration's company, only to find himself
opposing its sinister new management.
Not the best I've ever seen but
entertaining none the less.

And last but not least and oldie but a goodie, a slice
of heaven,
Mystic Pizza. I've seen it dozens of
times but it always makes me smile and
sniffle in equal measures.

In this 80's classic two sisters and their best friend
come of age while working at a pizza parlor in
a fishing village of Mystic, Connecticut.
Look out for young
Matt Damon (at the
"meeting of parents" dinner) in his
first feature film role.

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