We all know that raisins can't be put into war veterans
hot cross buns in case they choke on them or flower
baskets can not possibly be hung outside pubs in
case they fall onto someones head and egg boxes
can not be used in school art lessons in case
pupils get salmonella...but where is the
health and safety brigade when
they are actually needed?

In the recent weather the pavements round
here have been frozen on several
occasions but no grit in sight.

Wonder of wonders they managed to get some down
today near Colliers Wood tube on the shortest street
(outside a school) (above) around there but
none on the main High street!

And of course now when it snows it's just
going to get covered up. When are
they going to get it right?!

I happened to be watching BBC News 24 last night and
they had a personal injury lawyer in the studio explaining
what to do in case you fall and break your arm/leg
on a pavement that hasn't been gritted.

Apparently the claims have risen in the recession
"because people are short of money and decide that's
the way to get some". Oh well, that's all right then!
I could do with a few grand, let me
just go and slip over!

Of course they try to weed out the false claims but
I bet Merton Council is going to be forking
out a few quid this winter.

So, which is better? To spend the money on gritting
the pavements or paying out thousands of pounds
worth of combo when people start to topple?
I'd say the first option but then the powers
that be seem to know best!

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