When you go to Las Vegas, maybe it's not a
bad idea to wear shades indoors!

Many of the carpets in the hotels and casinos in
are incredibly garish. Spanning hundreds of
thousands of square metres, the designs are
a violent assault on the senses as leisure
moguls pull out all the stops to keep
tourists awake and spending money.

This collection of photographs was pieced together
over four years by Swede Chris Maluszynski, 35,
a Vegas fan who lives in New York. He visits the
desert city several times a year on business
and was so taken with the variety of
colours used in the carpets he started
photographing them as a hobby.

He said: "Vegas is the most surreal place
in the world. In the middle of the desert you
have this huge neon-lit metropolis, which is
bizarre in itself. Everywhere you look when
you are on The Strip or Downtown there are
flashing lights to mesmerise you."

"I found myself trying to give my eyes a rest
from the chaos by looking at the floor, but
there is no respite even there."

"It seems that every inch of everything out there
has been designed to bombard your brain into
staying awake," added Chris. The casinos have
no windows or natural light so you have no
idea what time of day it is. It's all about
keeping you stimulated. Tourists spend
money when they are not asleep."

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