Have a look at these amazing
shots of birds.

The winners of the Birdguides Photo
Of The Year 2009 was chosen from
39387 photos of 1888 species.

The winner is Richard Bedford with a photo
of two fighting pheasants in Norfolk (top)

Staying on the subject of our flying friends it
seems that birds of a feather do not
always stick together.

Experts have told of their surprise after
witnessing a
rare "divorce" between a pair of swans at a
Gloucestershire wildfowl sanctuary.

The Bewick's swans have returned to winter
at the
Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust centre
at Slimbridge - but both have
brought new partners.

It is only the second time in more than
40 years that a "separation" has
been recorded at the centre.

Staff have described the new couplings as "bizarre".
It is not unheard of for the birds, which usually
mate for life, to find a new mate but it
tends to be because one of the pair
has died, they said.

During the past four decades 4,000 pairs of
Bewick's swans have been studied at
Slimbridge, with only one previous
couple moving on to
find new partners.

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