Sarah and Thad Lawrence from Durham,
North Carolina, use Photoshop to create
a hilarious photo album that records
their relationship in a surreal form.

The couple's light-hearted take on their marriage
includes a shot of Sarah vacuuming her husband
up (below), with the caption: "I told him to
clean up. He never listens to me! Maybe
one day he'll actually learn his lesson!"

Thad said: "We wanted to document all the changes
that may have taken place, whether it be our hair,
clothes, where we lived, where we travel - to be
able to say that we have physical documentation
of a whole year of our lives is amazing. Doing
it together is often what makes it so fun."

"The inspiration behind the photographs come
from everyday occurrences, conversations,
phrases, proverbs, feelings - anything that
happens in life. Usually we have an idea of
what we want to create. We bounce ideas
off of each other, or hear a common
phrase, and it just snowballs
from there."

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