"The Loft Log. Stardate -312839.55679223756
(28.2.2010). Mr S has been toiling
endlessly for two days...."

It seems my life has been a relentless battle
of trying to outwit our unwanted little
furry visitors for the last
couple of weeks.

The mice migrated up to the loft (they normally
camp out in the basement) when the weather
was cold. The scurrying, scratching, squeaking
and digging noise between the loft floorboards
and my bedroom ceiling was unbearable.
Some nights I had to sleep
in the spare bedroom!

So, up I went armed with a crowbar to get the
floorboards up and launch a counter attack
with the usual ammo: catch and release traps
(unfortunately my somewhat Buddhist
nature does not me allow me to kill the
little bastards as much I'd want to!),
peppermint oil (which they hate)
and a sonic repeller.

Well, forget about the sonic to start with.
The mice simply laugh at it and carry on.
They're like urban foxes: born and bred
with close human contact so nothing
man made scares then!

The oil works somewhat but you've got to keep it
topped up which means going up to the loft every
day. Then I read on the net that someone had
used black pepper. I though "genius!" and dug
out the strongest cooking ingredient we
happen to have, chili powder. When I'm in
Tooting next I'll go to my favourite Indian
supermarket and stock up on the hottest
vindaloo powder they've got!

So far...knock on wood...

While me and Mr S were in Wickes last week
getting something else we noticed that rolls of
loft insulation called
Spaceblanket were
on sale: buy one, get two free!

So we filled the car with them and S has been up in
the loft putting it in place. Might as well since the
floorboards are up. This stuff is made with part
metallised polythene film which makes it
much easier to install than old style "wear
masks, goggles and gloves and still
choke on it" fibreglass.

So, hopefully the chili does the trick and
little scamps bugger off.
Watch this space!

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