I just noticed I haven't updated the
blog for two weeks...whoopsie!

Apologies to all my regular readers. I've no
idea where all the time goes, some black
whole somewhere probably!

Well, I have been fiddling with my "radio"
so that explains partial time loss...

Head over there for 211 classic 80's, 90's and
noughties tracks with a few 70's numbers
thrown in for good measure! Plus all the
info and cover photo of every track.

Just choose and click!

Normal service will
resume ASAP.



Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan's leader of the pack
Daddy, who lived with the family from the age of
four months and survived cancer, has
died at the age of 16.

Daddy was one of my favourite canine characters
ever and a key fixture in Cesar's National
Geographic Channel television series.

He assisted with the toughest of cases, interacting
with and calming the most unmanageable
dogs with his natural balanced energy,
gentle disposition and intelligence.

Perhaps even more importantly, Daddy became an
ambassador for his much maligned breed. All
too often pit bulls are portrayed as unstable,
vicious killers but this big softie helped to
dispel the image as he repeatedly tolerated
even the most wildly out of control
dogs with stability and
calm-submissive behavior.

To honor Daddy's legacy, the Daddy's Emergency
Animal Rescue (DEAR) Fund has been
established by the Cesar and Ilusion
(his wife) Millan Foundation.

It will provide assistance for dogs who are victims
of abuse or violence, man-made disasters
(hoarder and puppy mill rescues), and
large-scale natural disasters (hurricanes,
fires, and other natural catastrophes).

You can make a donation




Fed up with cats, dogs and
hamsters as pets?

How about a croc, a capybara or an anteater
instead? Check out these wacky pets
from around the world.


When I noticed this on the BBC website
I wasn't the least bit surprised.

This is why I never give to charity that is
suppose go to any of the African countries or
anywhere else for that matter because before
it gets to the people/projects its intended
for the whole lot gets eaten up by
governments. And
the admin and
staff costs of the charities.


A hen has astonished its owners by taking
a litter of puppies under its wing.

The one-year-old, called Mabel, took a shine
to the pups at a farm in Shrewsbury and now
keeps them warm by roosting on top of
them in their dog basket.

Her owners – Edward and Ros Tate – said she
waited until the puppies' mother – Nettle –
left them before hopping into the
basket to keep them warm.

Nettle is now left out in the cold – pining for
her puppies in the yard as they nest
with their adopted mother.

Mr Tate, 43, of The Isle at Bicton Heath, Shropshire,
said: "Mabel was hatched here about a year
ago. She would have gone onto someone’s
dinner plate but we saved her and
brought her into the house."

"Unfortunately, she got into an accident with
a horse, which accidentally trod on her foot.
Because of that she gets terribly cold during
the winter so we decided to bring her
into the house. And then we had the
puppies about three weeks ago. "

Mabel observed Nettles behaviour and
as soon as there was a chance she hopped
into the dog basket to roost on the pups.

"Nettle was a bit startled to say the least –
but she didn't mind too much eventually.
We were amazed when it first happened –
when we saw Mabel here roosting
on the pups – we just laughed."

"We're hoping that soon Mabel will have her
own chicks to look after but I don't think
Nettle will be returning the favour
when that happens."


A black Labrador has been awarded the
animal equivalent of a Victoria Cross
for his work sniffing out roadside
bombs in Afghanistan.

Nine-year-old Treo has been given the
Dickin Medal after a saving the lives of
British soldiers by detecting improvised
explosive devices in Helmand province.

His handler Sergeant Dave Heyhoe said the
dog proved a particularly effective
counter-insurgency weapon.

"I'm very proud indeed, not only for myself
and Treo, but it's for every dog and handler
that's working out in Afghanistan
or Iraq," he said.

Treo, who served in Afghanistan in 2008 and
is now retired, started his career at the
Defence Animal Centre, based in
Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire,
when he was a year old.

Treo did 12 weeks training before he went to
Northern Ireland, where he worked for three
years with his first handler before
Sgt Heyhoe took over.

Sgt Heyhoe explained: "Basically, me and the
dog have got to get a rapport. We've got to
understand each other, without that we
can't be effective on the ground. He must
know when I want him to go somewhere
to search, that's where he goes."

Everyone will say that he is just a military
working dog - yes, he is, but he is
also a very good friend of mine.
We look after each other."



I have a new relative. My cousin Vesa's daughter
Iida had a baby son on 28th February.

He's a big lad, 4.4 kg's and 53 cm's!
Congratulations to the new mum and her
fiance Tommi as well as the new grandparents
my cousin and his wife Ritva. And of course
the Great Grandmother, my aunt Helena!

Iida's new baby boy with his
Auntie Veera (Iida's sister)!


It's not very often I get into lather about a
make-up product but the latest foundation
from L'Oreal, Matte Morphose,
has me in a spin!

I got one of those little testers in a magazine
I subscribe to and thought well, what the
hell, let's give it a go as the shade happened
to be quite humane as well, not the usual
"fell asleep while in the sunbed" tone!

The stuff is just...sublime. It's like chocolate soufflé,
airy and fluffy! It just glides on, spreads
like a dream and covers a multitude
on sins. I'm sold.

The pot is tiny but you only need a little bit
to cover your whole face. I went to buy
it today and it was on offer, £2 off. Yay!