Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan's leader of the pack
Daddy, who lived with the family from the age of
four months and survived cancer, has
died at the age of 16.

Daddy was one of my favourite canine characters
ever and a key fixture in Cesar's National
Geographic Channel television series.

He assisted with the toughest of cases, interacting
with and calming the most unmanageable
dogs with his natural balanced energy,
gentle disposition and intelligence.

Perhaps even more importantly, Daddy became an
ambassador for his much maligned breed. All
too often pit bulls are portrayed as unstable,
vicious killers but this big softie helped to
dispel the image as he repeatedly tolerated
even the most wildly out of control
dogs with stability and
calm-submissive behavior.

To honor Daddy's legacy, the Daddy's Emergency
Animal Rescue (DEAR) Fund has been
established by the Cesar and Ilusion
(his wife) Millan Foundation.

It will provide assistance for dogs who are victims
of abuse or violence, man-made disasters
(hoarder and puppy mill rescues), and
large-scale natural disasters (hurricanes,
fires, and other natural catastrophes).

You can make a donation

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