Remember the Battersea stamps? Well, now
there is some adorable mammal ones.

Norfolk Wildlife Trust has backed a new set
of stamps which feature some of the
area's threatened animals.

As Royal Mail’s contribution to the International
Year of Biodiversity (IYB) - a United Nations
conservation initiative, their Action for Species
series continues with the fourth edition Mammals,
which features ten of our most engaging yet
endangered indigenous species. Previous
sets have featured birds,
insects and plants.

The giant Sperm Whale, the tiny Dormouse, otter,
water vole, hedgehog and brown long-eared bat
all appear on the stamps. Each of these species
has to contend with dangers caused by
man’s continuing incursions into their
natural habitats, as well as predation
by non-native species.

Conservation efforts have been enormous
and the stories of their success make
this delightful set particularly

According to the Mammal Society, Britain and
its coastline is home to more than 60 species of
mammals and while many are thriving, others
have seen their populations decline. Even the
seemingly prevalent hedgehog has seen a fall
in population through loss of habitat from
more intensively managed farmland,
pollution and growth in
roads and housing.

Dr Robert Bloomfield, UK co-ordinator of the IYB,
said: "
These stamps illustrate that even some
of the most loved UK species, which we
consider common or familiar,
are under threat."

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