Yes, he can. With Lego.

A German artist has spent the last
three years travelling the world
fixing crumbling walls and
monuments using Lego.

Jan Vormann, 26, has taken his project from its
humble beginnings at an art fair in Rome and
brightened up thousands of people's days
with his brightly coloured plastic
version of Polyfilla.

From the old quarter of Tel Aviv in Israel to the
grand Bryant Park of New York, he has acted
either independently or with the city's
permission to leave a little part
of his childhood behind.

He estimates he's used more than 1,000
of the little Danish building blocks.

"I like to think of my work as a Repair
Manifesto," says the Berlin-based
installation artist.
"My work draws
attention to the smallest parts
of our cities that are falling apart
because of the brightness
of the Lego."

"My favourite work was done in Berlin.
I filled in some holes left by guns and
shrapnel from the Second World War.
That drew peoples attention to the
Lego and hopefully they would
ask themselves why the
it was there."

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