These have got to be the funniest
photos of the week so far!

The orange-coloured brave butterfly took its
life into its own hands, or wings, when it
landed on the snout of a hungry
– a reptile very similar to an alligator.

Unruffled, the Caiman let the butterfly make
its way from the end of its snout up to
its eyes before fluttering off.

The breathtaking sight was caught on camera by
Mr Huwiler, an amateur photographer from
Switzerland, during a trip to the
wetlands in Brazil. The 41-year old spotted
the beasts one evening but then returned
the next morning in better light
to capture some shots.

Mr Huwiler said: “Early one morning I saw several
Caimans lying on a river bank. I decided to go
back the next morning in the hope of finding
them there again so I could get
some head shots."

"I have no experience with reptiles but I went
quite close. Then I saw a butterfly landing
on one. I felt like all my luck had come at
once. The insect landed on the Caiman’s
nose and then went up to its eyes.
It was so exciting."

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