I'd been looking forward to Guy Ritchie's
take on Sherlock Holmes and it
doesn't disappoint.

Ritchie spins a heavily CGI'd flashy, thunderous,
all-action blockbuster around the Victorian
super-sleuth and his sidekick.

At points very violent (luckily the remote has a
forward button!) the film reveals Sherlock as a
slovenly headcase who can’t look after himself,
not an opium addict but a neurotic,
perma-bantering student of
crime and combat.

Jude Law’s pally Watson is trying to have a life of
his own but ends up being the stolidly reliable,
long-suffering foil to his friend’s quicksilver
brilliance. Together, they confront a serial killer
Lord Blackwood, who is caught, sent to the
gallows, pronounced dead, and then pops
up to cause mayhem once again.

The game's afoot, old boy, and I can smell a
sequel or two. And why not, one never gets
bored gazing at the gorgeous Robert D Jr.

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