First thing today I hopped on the tube
and went to the pound shop in Tooting.

I loooo-ve that shop, plant pots, big 10 litre
ones, £1 each. Homebase price for 1/4 the
size £1.79. Also bought netting, 6 meters
for £1. Homebase: 4 meters £3.99!

Did buy some new plants in Homebase though.
A new
Azalea to replace the one that didn't
survive the harsh weather, a
Vinca minor
(lesser periwinkle) and some Pansies.

I'm too impatient to grow flowers from seeds
so these ready-to-go plants give the garden
some instant colour. I will keep all of them
in pots and bring them inside next winter,
even if it's not as bad the winter just gone.

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