Lost? Well, I am. The mega "where are they, what's
is going on" saga
Lost is drawing to a close
and I for one am none the wiser.

The island moves around? Locke is dead but he is
also The Black Smoke. Jacob has visited every one
of them at some point in their lives. The guy
who looks like he' got eyeliner tattooed on is
immortal. Hurley sees and hears dead
people. Sawyer is a police officer
in a parallel universe.

Huh? It's got to a point where they could
make another 10 series of it and it wouldn't
make any sense. I am going to watch it
to the bitter end although it is like
running through treacle at points.

Another favourite of mine 24 is trundling along
nicely with Jack declaring "There's no time for
that" in a heavy breathed whisper a lot as usual.

The gun fight scenes seem to getting a bit long-winded
though. I suppose they have to stretch it out
somehow, terrorists looking mean and
threatening to blow up something or
other doesn't quite keep us on the
edge of our seats for 24 ours.

New character Dana Walsh played by Katee Sackhoff
is also disappointing, not only has she got the
mobile superglued to her ear but she rather
predictably turned out to be a psycho
working with the baddies.

The new series of Flash Forward is also a letdown.
The storyline is overshadowed by the unnecessary
violence and it seems to go nowhere,
same old same old every episode.

But homegrown Ashes To Ashes saves the day. Gene
"Get your knickers on" Hunt is on form and
so cool even the political parties (above)
are using him to score points!

I love it the way it backfired on Labour!
They used it first but Tories nicked
it and made it better!

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