It has been a close call but the future
of the world’s largest banana museum
has finally been secured.

‘Top banana’ Ken Bannister has painstakingly
gathered some 17,000 banana-related exhibits
but it all went pear-shaped when he was
turfed out of his premises in January.

He put the likes of his banana-shaped golf putter
and banana tent in storage and thought it was
time to split – until fellow fruit loop Fred
Garbutt saw his a-peel on eBay and
stumped up £30,000
for the collection.

He runs an off-licence and hopes to
drum up business by launching the
‘Intern­ational Banana
Museum’ next door.

Californian Mr Bannister, who started the
Guinness World Records-approved collection
in 1972, is confident he has found the
best custodian, and hopes for a
smoothie transition.

Mr Garbutt, the ‘big banana’, has ambitious
plans. "We’re going to add to the collection,
we’re going to sell banana-leaf wallpaper
and make banana-printed
clothes for kids," he said.

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