Now these pics were funny but these ones of
a marmot who's built its nest in the middle
of a motorway are even funnier!

A yellow-bellied marmot was spotted taking
death-defying peeks from a hole in
a highway in Montana.

Photographer Zack Clothier noticed the crafty
creature - a type of ground squirrel - while
stopping to shoot scenery. He watched
amazed as the creature ducked in and out
of a hole in the asphalt on the Beartooth
All-American Highway
near Cooke City.

Zack explains: "I first noticed the marmot at a
distance but did not realise that it was in
a pothole. I thought it was just sitting in
the road as they do this quite often, but
while setting up my tripod I saw a car
approaching the marmot out
of the corner of my eye."

"I thought for sure it would scurry out of the
road to avoid being hit but when the car got
almost on top of it it seemed to just melt into
the road. I could not see the pothole from
where I was standing so at first I was just as
confused as the motorists. I knew that the
animal did not just vanish without a
trace, so I approached closer and
saw the hole in the road.

"He soon raised back up from the hole when
the next vehicle approached and I began
shooting, moving slightly closer every time
he was out of sight. I am not sure if he
actually lives in the hole but he never left it.
When it finally stopped popping its head
out I walked over to the hole it seemed to
be quite deep and tunnelled to
one side underneath."

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