This is so funny!

It's Phileas 'Frog'... a globe-hopping couple's
photo diary of their adventures with
a Kermit the Frog puppet.

The green star of the Muppets TV show was
a travelling companion for Markus and Conny
Morgenroth from Frankfurt, Germany,
on a journey spanning four
continents and more
than 50,000 miles.

"I have been a fan of Kermit for years", says Markus.
"There was a funny TV advert featuring him
driving a BMW and it made me laugh every
time I saw it so we had the idea to start making
pictures with Kermit about two years ago,
and it just took off from there
- quite literally".

"My wife bought me the Kermit puppet and
we saw some other people had taken pictures
with the toy on a skyscraper in New York, so
we decided we could do better and set off on
this amazing journey," said Markus.

"If there was one place in the world I think
we would love to take him it would have
to be a little place in Texas which
is actually called Kermit"

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