"Spring is in the air
I know it's very near
It warms me to the heart
It just fills the atmosphere"

Now that the thermometer has finally climbed to
very respectable double figures the spring is
definitely in the air. And about time!
This winter has been so miserable!

Mille aka Fats the cat has hibernated all winter
next to the radiator in the lounge, occasionally
wandering to my bedroom, but today I
found her on the backside
in the garden!

She was trying to catch Mira's tail and
she just sat next to her thinking
are you doing?"

A few plants have sprung into action as well, the
one was I most pleased about is the rhubarb
(below, on the left) because when the
three fell
last November all of that area got trampled
over and stomped down when we
cleaned up the aftermath.

I didn't think the poor rhubarb would
survive but there it is, poking its
head through the soil! Isn't
Mother Nature wonderful!

The Tiger Lillies (middle photo) have come up
as well and the strawberries (on the
right) are doing well (with Mira
(arrow) guarding them!).

Couple of
Azaleas I planted a few years ago
didn't unfortunately survive this harsh
winter so I'm going to pop to the
garden centre next week
to get replacements.

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