Royal Mail has released a set of stamps of some
of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home success
stories to celebrate the rescue
centers 150 anniversary.

The charity began as the Temporary Home for
Lost and Starving Dogs in Holloway, North
London, back in 1860. They started taking in
cats when when they moved south to
Battersea in 1883.
12 000 animals
come through their door
every year.

Here are some of the models.
From the top left to right:

Mr Tumnus lives with his new owners
in London. He enjoys playing outside
or sitting on the kitchen shelf.

Pixie, a mastif, arrived at Battersea in 2007
as a tiny stray puppy and now lives with
her new owner in East Sussex.

Herbie, who came to Battersea as a puppy
and is a now flyball champion.
He lives in Berkshire.

Boris the Bulldog. When he arrived at the home
he had a bad skin condition but is now better
and lives with his owners in London.

Leonard came to Battersea because he was a
stray in Essex. He was very thin and scared
of people. But he's now well and lives
happily with his new family in Kent.

Tigger is an older cat and came to the home
when his owner died. He was shy at first but
now lives in London with his new owners,
where he loves his garden and
lazing in the sun.

And here's our little superstar Mira,
looking soooo cute sleeping I
had to take a photo!

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