Congrats to Davie on the 10th anniversary
of the best Toyah fansite in the
world, Dreamscape.

It's not very often an unofficial website lasts
this long and is better than the artist's own
but this fantastic source of all things Minxy
beats the
official one hands down.

Not that there is anything wrong with it, it's
just that Dreamscape is superior simply
because it's more up to date and gives
us our daily T fix! The whirlwind known
as Ms Willcox never stops (the woman is
52 (in May) for Chrissake, how the hell
does she do it?!) so there's plenty to
report on a daily basis!

The new comments feature is great
as well, it's nice to interact
with other fans.

For Toyah novices there's the
The First Ten Years Archive.

Also, inspired by Davies new look site I re-did
(which explain the lack of posts in here!)
the side bar of my own Toyah page,
Interview Archive.

The new bits include the covers of all of the
re-issues, rare and collectible bits,
embedded videos and classic images.

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