An art exhibition featuring a brush propped
against a wall and pieces of wood strewn
across the floor has been branded
worst in Britain.

Discarded nails, a bucket and an empty laundry
bag also make up the display at Birmingham's
Ikon Gallery by artist Susan Collis.

Art lover Graham Whitehouse, 40, from Sutton
Coldfield, Birmingham, said: "Conceptual art
is one thing but this is just ridiculous. I just
think it's a big con, I walked in and I thought
'this isn't finished yet' - I felt cheated. I just
cannot believe money is spent
on this kind of thing."

Describing her work, entitled 'Since I Fell For
You', Ms Collis says: "Often a work that looks very
careless, as if it hasn't taken any time to make,
like a random mark, ends up being something
that takes a long time to produce."

PS: People moaning about this particular exhibition
have obviously never been to the Tate Modern!

Last time I went there were some glass jars
on a a shelf with mould growing in them and
bricks on the floor ... but yet both of those
were considered art along with countless
other piles of crap including pieces of
wood nailed together by someone I can
only imagine is three years old!

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