A tabby cat named Charles somehow managed
to make his way 1,300 miles (2092 km)
from his home in New Mexico
all the way to Chicago.

The feline's eight month odyssey ended when he
was picked up by a rescue shelter in Chicago and
he is now being given a free flight home by
American Airlines to be reunited
with his owner.

Charles vanished when owner Robin Alex was
away in New Orleans working for an
anti-poverty charity. She had left
a friend to look after the cat.

She said: "I found out while I was away
volunteering. I was so upset because
I was in New Orleans so there was
nothing I could do."

This week she received a call that Chicago
Animal Care and Control had picked
Charles up as a stray and identified
him from a microchip.

The agency's executive director, Cherie Travis,
said: "He needs a good brushing. He's got
a little bit of a cold but otherwise
he's in great condition."

Miss Alex, from Albuquerque, New Mexico,
said she had no idea how he could have made
it to Chicago. She said: "I've moved around
a lot. It seems kind of destined that my
cat would be a travelling cat."

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