Last night I watched last year's "the end is nigh"
2012 starring my favourite John Cusack
and the wonderful
Chiwetel Ejiofor (who is
also the star of one of my all time
favourite films "Kinky Boots")

The film is so huge, everything is done in a BIG
scale and most of it is obviously

The story is interesting enough to keep you at the
edge of your seat though and luckily it's
not too soppy when they take
a break from the action.

And you know the good guys are going
to survive so no surprises there

I also ended up watching the ever brilliant (first)
Die Hard that happened to be on the telly.

I've seen it probably 58 times but it never
gets boring! Plus the young Brucie
is ... oh so easy on the eyes and Alan
Rickman is perfect as the baddie.

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