It's such a girlie thing to moan about ones
lipstick not staying on/wearing off
quickly but today I found a
miracle cure: Lipcote.

As always happens when I find a product I like, L'Oreal
stopped making the only lipstick that I've ever been
happy with, so I had to find a replacement.

I like Rimmel's shades but they don't tend to
stay put. Don't even get me started on
Maybelline ... (I'd like to change
their theme song to "Maybe
it's her, maybe it's crap!"

At the weekend I saw Lipcote being praised by
someone or other in one the Sunday paper
magazines so I thought I'll give it a
bash. And lo and behold, it works!

It's a top coat you put on top
of your normal lipstick.

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