American researchers say they've found
the answer why it's no annoying
listening to other people's
mobile phone chats.

Whether it is the office, on a train or in a car,
only half of the conversation is overheard
which drains more attention and concentration
than when overhearing two people talking,
according to scientists at Cornell University.

"We have less control to move away our attention
from half a conversation (or halfalogue) than
when listening to a dialogue," said Lauren
Eberson, a co-author of the study that
will be published in the journal Psychological
Science. "Since halfalogues really are more
distracting and you can't tune them
out, this could explain why people
are irritated."

The findings by Eberson and her co-author Michael
Goldstein are based on research involving
41 college students who did concentration
exercises, like tracking moving dots, while
hearing one or both parties during a cellphone
conversation. The students made more errors
when they heard one speaker's side of the
conversation than when overheard
the entire dialogue.

On a personal note I had to endure a
fat moron on his mobile on a bus to
Wimbledon the other day.

It was bad enough that every other word was f***ing
this or that but the running commentary of everyone
on the bus, getting on or off and where the bus was
and how long the driver was taking (he was
in a hurry to meet his wife in the pub!)
just made my day.

I glanced over at one point to see the dickhead
and oh boy, that just gave him ammo to go on
about me for the next ten minutes! "Giving me
the evils for swearing - well if you don't like it
love, you can get off the bus!" Oh, OK. So 30
people have to get off the bus so you can
sit there like the cretin you are
and carry on swearing.

Then he went to tell his wife in a mock posh
accent "Yes, I know that, dear, and you know
that but we have to put these jokers
into their place." So funny! NOT.

His wife had obviously told him to give me
what for for looking at him. When I finally got
off at my stop he carried on "Oh here we go,
getting off now." Sadly I didn't hear what
wisdom he parted with after that.

What a pleasant individual. Got to love those
free minutes as well so these simpletons can
blather to their heart's content! I'm
just glad it was a bus ride, not a
12 hour flight sat next to
him and his missus!

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