Today's aaaaah!

A mama Chihuahua in Hawthorne,
Los Angeles, is proving that there's
always room for one more.

The dog named "Jolie" - after actress Angelina
Jolie who is known for adopting children - has
in a newborn kitten and is nursing
the tiny feline right along with her
own newborn pups.

Shelly Gomez adopted the Chihuahua mix from
a shelter called
Noah's Bark. About a week
after taking her home, the shelter called
and asked her to pick up some

newborn pups who needed care.

But when she went to pick up the new day-old
puppies, a tiny black and white kitten
started screaming as though she
wanted to come along, too.

The volunteer at the shelter asked if she wanted
to take the kitten and said she knew that if
Shelly didn't take it, the tiny thing probably
be put to sleep. So Shelly scooped up
the kitten and headed home.

"When I walked through the door, Jolie jumped
up and tried to grab the kitten from my
arms!", Shelly says. "She was so excited."

She was concerned at first that the dog would hurt
the kitten, so she let Jolie sniff it for awhile. "She
just kept cleaning it and cleaning it," she said.

"So I put the kitten in the box and the she
started nursing. The rest is history."

The tiny, blue-eyed kitten now fits right
in, suckling and sleeping alongside his
canine brothers and sisters.

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