This is a good idea but it's not going to be
like the real thing! It's not about the
smell, it's about the taste!

An inhaler that allows chocoholics to submit
to their cravings without putting on weight
is to be released in British stores.

Le Whif, dubbed the world's first breathable food,
lets consumers suck in the taste of chocolate
or coffee while taking on less
than one calorie.

The lipstick-style tube contains hundreds of
milligrams of tiny food particles which are small
enough to become airborne, but too large to
enter the lungs. Each Le Whif contains
enough flavour for about ten puffs and
costs £1.99 on its own, or £4.99 for
a pack of three.

The inhaler is available in chocolate, raspberry
chocolate and mint chocolate models as well
as coffee flavour, which gives a dose of
caffeine equivalent to a small
shot of espresso.

It was invented by David Edwards, professor of
biomedical engineering at Harvard University,
with the help of Michelin-rated chef Thierry Marx.

Prof Edwards said Le Whif was not designed
to replace food but could be used to
enhance dining experiences, by allowing
people to sample a variety of dishes
before ordering their meal.

And talking of the brown stuff the world's largest
chocolate maker says it may have come up with
a chocolate bar that could fight wrinkles
and slow the aging process.

Eating 20 g (0.755 oz) of specially developed
packed with antioxidants, or flavanols,
each day may make skin more radiant by
boosting elasticity and improving
hydration, studies carried
out showed.

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