Very rarely there is more than one film, that
I'd actually like to see, in the cinema
at the same time.

Now there is three!

Jake Gyllenhaal is flexing his new muscles in
Prince Of Persia, which I know nothing
about but the trailers look good!

The gorgeous Robert Downey Jr. (it really
should be illegal to look that yummy!) returns
Iron Man 2 with another all time
favourite of mine, Mickey Rourke.

And of course, last but not least, the
ultimate bit of girlie fluff,

Sex And The City 2.

The outfits are as outrageous as ever, I
mean for instance check out this
dress Sam is wearing!

PS: Make that four! I totally forgot about
Robin Hood! Just hope it's not too violent,
not a great fan of the big battle
scenes ala Braveheart...

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