It's Eurovision time!

The 55th competition is being held in
Oslo tomorrow after last years
landslide win by Alexander Rybak.

Finland didn't make it to the final this year,
thank God, the song is is the Top Ten
of all time worst! And why sing in
Finnish, they know it's not going
to get them anywhere!

Another song not to make the final is by
Malta, a beautiful performance and a
decent song but they never get
past the semi's. Shame.

My favourites out of the finalists are Romania
(above top left) with a great little pop tune
including an glass shattering middle 8 (the
video doesn't do her justice, when she belts
it live watch out for falling chandeliers!)
and weirdly enough
(above top right).

I'm not normally a fan of "ethnic" sounding
tunes but this one has an almost primal
tribal quality to it. And the dancers
aren't bad looking either!

Germany (above bottom left) is tipped to win
but I don't really like the song. It's catchy
and all but the singer has an annoying
voice ala Diana Vickers.

Another annoyingly catchy number comes from

The Netherlands (above bottom right).
I wouldn't be surprised if "Sha-La-Lie"
does well. And the
UK entry?
Less said the better.

Weirdly enough Justin Lee Collin's song
"All I Ever Want Is You" recorded for a
programme about him
trying to enter
the competition is actually
really really good!

And he can sing, in fact he should record an
album! Penned by Ronan Keating this great
ditty would've made a great entry for
Ireland (the country country he managed
to try in) but alas, it wasn't to be.

EDIT 30.5.2010: Vorhersagbar!
Germany won, my favourites
Romania came third
and UK last!

PS: This years funniest comment came
of course from the ever witty Graham
Norton (the show's BBC host).

When seeing the Lithuanian presenter
reading the points in a black and white
spotty jacket ala 101 Dalmatians
he quipped:"Even I wouldn't
wear that."

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