Every now and then you stumble across
something so wonderful on the net it
makes your whole week.

This week I discovered likepunkneverhappened.
blogspot.com, an online Smash Hits magazine
(not be confused with the Smash Hits radio
station) archive (thanks to Davie!).

Those not familiar with this publication
let's just say that it kept generations of
teenagers from going mental with
boredom, including myself, all the
way through from 1978 to 2006.

Back in Finland I used to have to drive about
10 km to get it from the neighbouring town's
only kiosk and it was always about three
weeks behind (it was a weekly mag).

But that didn't matter. As soon as I had
it in my hands it was like heaven.

I'd drive home and disappear into my own little
pop world for hours. My room was plastered
with pictures and adverts from the mag, I
totally destroyed them ... in hindsight
I wish I'd kept them intact. One day
when I'm rich enough I'll buy the
whole collection off
someone on ebay!

When I moved to England permanently in 1987
I used to get it weekly and finally stopped
buying it round about the middle 90's.
By that time pop had gotten bland
and boring and the magazine held
no interest to me anymore.

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