Another visual feast apart from the summer
blockbusters I'm looking forward to is tomorrow
night's Worried About The Boy, on BBC 2.

It's the story of the Culture Club singer
Boy George as part of the
channels' 80's season.

I'm a huge Boy George and 80's fan so this will
be interesting. Apparently the real Mr
has given the show his seal of approval,
telling newcomer Douglas Booth (above)
"not to camp it too much".

Looking at the rest of the weeks offerings I must
say I'm disappointed because BBC 2 have chosen
to show a Heaven 17 docu and a concert and
nothing else. Heaven 17 was one the crappiest
and least influential bands of the decade ...
why not show a Duran Duran or a Spandau
concert and a docu instead? Or
almost any other band!

Tut tut BBC! Whoever has been charge
of this 80's programming needs
to check their facts!

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