Check out these interesting shots by
photographer Greg Maino from
Houghton in Michigan.

He wanted to take a shot that captured
the dramatic twists, flips and spins
of a ski jumper in action.

After noticing some particularly spectacular
jumpers doing their thing on the slopes one
evening, he started racking his brains as to
how he could create the effects he wanted
by fixing lights to the skiers and
snapping the trails.

So he set about finding the perfect type of light -
one that could be fixed to a ski and keep burning
bright enough to be picked up by his camera
as the jumpers did their spins and flips.

After some frustrating trial and error involving
sparklers and other unsuccessful lights,
the team started experimenting with
flares and headtorches.

After some fine tuning of the makeshift equipment,
Greg got it right, and to his delight the results
were these dramatic shots of the daredevils
in mid flight. He is drawing up plans for the
technique he has pioneered, and says
once the
snow returns he will be
back on the slopes.

"We never did get that 'perfect' shot," he
said. "But we did come away with
some cool stuff."

More of Greg's photos


Interesting article on the BBc website about
what happens to our virtual bits and
pieces after we die.

Everything you post on the net stays there as long
as the internet exists but does anyone own your
blog, Facebook page, photos etc
after you're gone?

"There's no standard practice across the industry
yet. There are no norms for how digital assets are
passed on to heirs," says Kaliya Hamlin, one
Digital Death Day's organisers.

Obviously as long as the person/s who inherit
you have all the passwords they can delete
or update the pages as they see fit.
Sites like
Legacy Locker can take
care of it for you.


While Sweden is in the final hours of wedding
mania before Saturday's big do, (Crown Princess
Victoria is going to marry her Knight In Shining
Jogging Pants (personal trainer) Daniel Westling)
the Royal Family themselves are not apparently
too thrilled that Mattel has made
Princess Vic into a Barbie!

Why?! I'd take it as a huge compliment!
Typical Swedes, don't a know a good
thing if it hits them round the
face with a wet herring!

The doll has been given a warm reception by
some younger members of the family but senior
members of the Swedish court feel it cheapens
what should be an important royal event.

"Royal Families have a hard enough time being
taken seriously as it is without being turned
into dolls. It is undignified," said one.

True, but still!

And on a personal note I'm almost related to
the Bernadotte's as my grandmother insisted
I was given the second name of Astrid,
after Princess Astrid of Sweden (b.1905)
(above) who later became the Queen
consort of the Belgians!

PS: Should one want to watch the wedding,
one can do that HERE
at 2 PM on Saturday 19.6
by clicking on the grey button "Livesändningar"
(live broadcast) on the right hand
side of the screen.



Some adverts are just genius! My current
favourite is the Müller Corner (yogurt) ad,
a story of Mary the cow who always
wanted to be a horse!

The REO Sweedwagon song is perfect for it,
every time I see it makes me smile!
A feel good moment at it's best!

Thank you cows,
thank you!

"And I can't fight this feeling anymore.
I've forgotten what I started fighting for.
It's time to bring this ship into the shore,
And throw away the oars, forever"


It was in the supermarket and spotted punnets
of strawberries on sale for £1. I thought oh,
that's a bargain, I'll have a couple.

I almost put them in my basket when I
remembered hang on, you blonde,
you've got tons of them at the
bottom of the garden!

I've been picking more than a punnet
daily ever since the end of May! Duh!



This GIF is just genius!


If it doesn't make sense, it's a reference to
singer Rick Astley and the phenomenon
known as Rickrolling.


Sad news from the States today: actress Rue
McClanahan, star of one of my all time favourite
TV shows
The Golden Girls (the Original
Sex And The City!),
has died
a stroke at the age of 76.

She played feisty Southern belle Blanche
in the popular series and won an
Emmy for the role in 1987.

She underwent heart bypass surgery last year
and is the third of the main cast members
to pass away. Only Betty White (below right)
remains, following the deaths of Estelle Getty
(below front) and Bea Arthur (below back
middle), who died in 2008 and 2009.

McClanahan had a varied stage career before
landing the role of Blanche Devereaux in 1985
when The Golden Girls hit the small screen.

She married six times and wrote a memoir
in 2007 entitled "My First Five Husbands...
And The Ones Who Got Away."

"Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down the road and back again
Your heart is true your a
pal and a confidant"