Check out these interesting shots by
photographer Greg Maino from
Houghton in Michigan.

He wanted to take a shot that captured
the dramatic twists, flips and spins
of a ski jumper in action.

After noticing some particularly spectacular
jumpers doing their thing on the slopes one
evening, he started racking his brains as to
how he could create the effects he wanted
by fixing lights to the skiers and
snapping the trails.

So he set about finding the perfect type of light -
one that could be fixed to a ski and keep burning
bright enough to be picked up by his camera
as the jumpers did their spins and flips.

After some frustrating trial and error involving
sparklers and other unsuccessful lights,
the team started experimenting with
flares and headtorches.

After some fine tuning of the makeshift equipment,
Greg got it right, and to his delight the results
were these dramatic shots of the daredevils
in mid flight. He is drawing up plans for the
technique he has pioneered, and says
once the
snow returns he will be
back on the slopes.

"We never did get that 'perfect' shot," he
said. "But we did come away with
some cool stuff."

More of Greg's photos

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