While Sweden is in the final hours of wedding
mania before Saturday's big do, (Crown Princess
Victoria is going to marry her Knight In Shining
Jogging Pants (personal trainer) Daniel Westling)
the Royal Family themselves are not apparently
too thrilled that Mattel has made
Princess Vic into a Barbie!

Why?! I'd take it as a huge compliment!
Typical Swedes, don't a know a good
thing if it hits them round the
face with a wet herring!

The doll has been given a warm reception by
some younger members of the family but senior
members of the Swedish court feel it cheapens
what should be an important royal event.

"Royal Families have a hard enough time being
taken seriously as it is without being turned
into dolls. It is undignified," said one.

True, but still!

And on a personal note I'm almost related to
the Bernadotte's as my grandmother insisted
I was given the second name of Astrid,
after Princess Astrid of Sweden (b.1905)
(above) who later became the Queen
consort of the Belgians!

PS: Should one want to watch the wedding,
one can do that HERE
at 2 PM on Saturday 19.6
by clicking on the grey button "Livesändningar"
(live broadcast) on the right hand
side of the screen.

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