This is funny! And they've been
doing it for 30 years yet it's the
first I've heard of it!

The southern Californian city of Laguna Niguel
has been enjoying an annual ritual, in
which locals and visitors bare their
bottoms at passing trains.

For 30 years, the city has hosted "Mooning Amtrak"
as crowds line up along the railway tracks,
dropping their trousers when a train passes by.
Up to 10,000 people take part, and visitors
are encouraged to leave their cars at
home and arrive by train.

Local legend has it the tradition began in
1979, after a bar room bet.
A drinker at the
Mugs Away Saloon, which stands directly across
the road from the railway, offered to buy a
drink for anyone who would run outside
and moon at the next train.

One customer took him at his word, and a ritual
was born. The event even has its own website,
this year proudly headed "31st Annual Mooning
of Amtrak". It also promoted a newer
offshoot: "5th Annual Mooning
of Metrolink".

It features directions to Camino Capistrano,
the road where trousers and dignity are
dropped each year, and helpfully lists train
times through the day, so that people
can schedule their disrobing.

And after 8pm, there is night mooning. "Bring
a flash light with plenty of batteries, or
better yet, bring a camping lantern,"
the website advises.

There is even a "Frequently Asked Questions"
section for mooning debutantes. "Can I
decorate my butt?" is one FAQ.

Yes, that's OK, apparently.

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