That yodel by Simon LeBon. The mike flying
out of Tony Hadley's hand. Paul McCartney
singing to himself for two minutes before
someone flicked the switch.

The film of the Bulgarian cherry pickers that was
suppose to be Russia's most popular band.
The policewoman who thought some
band was in "dire straits".

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the day that
rocked the planet,
Live Aid, BBC is making the
story into a TV movie called
When Harvey
Met Bob. Producer Kate Triggs said: "It's a
moving film about two men prepared to
think the unthinkable and achieve
the seemingly impossible."

I've just watched two wonderful documentaries
of the "global jukebox" on BBC4 which brought
back so many memories. It was one of those
perfect days. Everyone of my generation will
remember forever where they were when the
biggest names of the music world took to the
stage in London and Philadelphia.

The production team on both sides of the Atlantic
were flying by the seams of their pants right
up to the very last minute and it was a
miracle the whole day happened at all.

It's weird to imagine now that a simultaneous live
broadcast would be so difficult but back in 1985
it was like walking on the moon. Live TV was
still in its infancy and Live Aid was the only
programme to go out live since Princess Di's
wedding! Of course there were hiccups
throughout the day but all in
all it was spot on.

I was working on the day of the first one but had
the chance to attend the
second one in London
in 2005, known as Live 8, when my friend
Satu won tickets in a competition. You
couldn't buy them so it was
down to pure luck!

So I can say yes, I have seen Madonna live
albeit she was the size of a pinhead
about two miles away!

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