An ice cream van exclusively for our canine
friends will make its first appearance at
the Boomerang Pets Party in
Regents Park next Saturday.

The K99 ice cream was created by a team of scientists
who investigated the perfect combination of
temperature, texture and taste, ensuring the
treats would be delicious to dogs
and completely safe.

It comes in two flavours: Dog Eat Hog World -
a gammon and chicken sorbet topped with a
biscuit bone and and Canine Cookie Crunch -
dog biscuits and ice cream also
topped with a biscuit bone.

Head chef Ceric Nale said: "After a lot of research
we hope they'll be flavours dogs simply can't
refuse". Sally Bezant, spokesperson for
Boomerang Pets Party, added: "We wanted
to give our furry friends the chance to enjoy
their own refreshing snack and an ice
cream van for dogs seemed like
the perfect answer".

The ice creams are available for a 99p
donation to
Berkshire Search
and Rescue Dogs.

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