It's been a bit quiet on the Western front for
three weeks now ... I was due to fly to Finland
on the 23rd of June for a holiday and my
mother's 70th birthday.

However couple of days before my ears started
playing up, a bad flair up so I decided to stay
home. There was no point in going over there
and lying in bed for a week and a half.

I did that at home instead. For three weeks. Not
exactly a holiday but more of a forced rest
break. The weather's been absolutely boiling
as well, near 30 C every day so
I've been indoors in bed.

Not a lot I could do about it. The flight
was only £70 so no great loss but it
would've been nice to see everybody.

I'm feeling a bit better now, still not 100% though
so I have booked an appointment with the
doc to see if there any more tests they can
do on the ears but I doubt it. The testing
last year was pretty conclusive, I might
have to just put up this for
the rest of my life.

C'est la vie.

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