A luxurious hotel suite - complete with
four-poster bed, state-of-the-art
sound system and fine dining -
for just £15 a night?

Sounds like quite a bargain.
But this is a hotel for cats.

At the Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel in Welwyn
Garden City, Hertfordshire, feline guests can
have a pampering break of their own while
their owners are away on holiday.

The hotel's organic 'A La Cat' menu, which was
developed by a feline nutritionist, includes
treats such as white fish, ethically fished
yellowfin tuna and chicken liver balls.

The hotel has six individually-themed heated
chalets and
bird boxes outside the windows
keep them entertained while porcelain
water fountains deliver perfectly
fresh oxygenated water.

The owners of the hotel, Abi and Matt Purser,
offer around-the-clock care and send absent
owners postcards from the kitties giving
updates on their own little holidays.

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