It's not very often an episode of a soap
leaves me speechless but last Friday's
Eastenders managed just that.

Denise is alive! In a nutshell: man of the cloth
gone doolally Lucas murdered Denise's
ex-husband Owen on his and Denise's
wedding day and buried him in the
middle of Albert Square.

Many months later the body is found and
Lucas confesses to Denise and then "kills"
her by drowning her in a canal.

A body is found and Lucas "identifies" it as Denise
as no other family members are present.
After Denise's funeral we see Lucas entering
an unknown basement and Denise emerges
from the shadows looking bedraggled!
Can't wait for Lucas to get
his comeuppance!

Oh, now that is good TV!

EDIT 28.7.2010: Denise manages to get away
from Lucas and it turns out she was in the
basement next door to her own house!

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