Do typefaces really matter?

To most people, typefaces are pretty insignificant.
Yet to their devotees they are the most
important feature of text, giving
subliminal messages that can
either entice or revolt readers.

The power of the font goes back to the Greeks
who created handwriting. A typeface may
never quite be able to replicate the intimacy
of pen and ink but with an estimated 200,000
fonts to choose from today, there are no
shortage of different styles
to choose from.

The typeface matters because of its power
to create a sense of recognition and trust.
Banks are particularly aware of this, with
companies like Barclays creating their own
branded font to reinforce a sense of
security at a time when fear of fraud
and scamming is high.

A good typeface creates an emotional response
in relation to the message it is conveying.
You're trying to get that tone of voice right -
you can shout or whisper plus they're used
to sum up the spirit of the age, because
they date quite quickly.

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